Media Resources

NCTQ's work covers a variety of issues related to teacher quality, including teacher preparation and licensure; evaluation and tenure; compensation and retirement benefits; and dismissal and layoff policies. For help finding state-specific or national data for news coverage or scheduling a media interview to discuss any teacher quality topic, please contact Lisa Cohen at 310-395-2544 or email


Teacher Prep

District Policy

  • NCTQ Teacher Contract Database: This database houses over 150 school districts' teacher contracts, school board policies (including school calendars and pay schedules), and state laws, coded so you can easily compare districts. Access information on a single district or create a custom report to compare districts on any of over 100 specific questions. Get answers to questions such as "What is the starting salary for a new teacher?" or "What are teachers evaluated on?".

State Policy

  • State Teacher Policy Yearbook: The Yearbook is a 52-volume encyclopedia (51 state reports including the District of Columbia plus a national summary) providing measurement and detailed analysis of the state policies that impact the teaching profession.