District Studies

NCTQ works in communities to provide customized analyses of district human capital policies, focusing primarily on the teachers' contract. These reports serve as a starting point to refocus district efforts on attracting, developing and retaining great teachers.
Specifically, the reports shed light on those policies that are working well and those that are not, and also compare a district's policies with those of surrounding districts and other similar districts nationally. We lay out a blueprint of suggested improvements and highlight possible solutions that have been successful elsewhere.
How the project works:
  • Policy analyses. We examine the collective bargaining agreement, state laws and regulations, salary schedules, and school board policies.
  • Interviews and focus groups. We talk with local officials, advocates, education reporters, union leaders, teachers and principals to better understand how policies play out in practice.
  • Personnel data. We analyze everything from teacher absences to performance evaluations.
  • Stakeholder feedback. After producing a draft analysis, we solicit comments from school district officials and the local teachers union.
These reports have helped shape the scope of teacher contract negotiations and have resulted in major reforms in urban school districts around the country.