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    Within Our Grasp: Achieving Higher Admissions Standards in Teacher Prep


    Within Our Grasp: Achieving Higher Admissions Standards in Teacher Prep is the tenth annual publication in the State Teacher Policy Yearbook report series. This report focuses on teacher preparation program compliance with raised admissions policies required at the state level.

    See here for the report's Executive Summary.

    See below for state findings, as well as state and program responses to our analyses.
    Alabama: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Arkansas: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Delaware: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Georgia: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Hawaii: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Indiana: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Louisiana: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Michigan: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Mississippi: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Montana: Findings and State and Program Responses
    New Jersey: Findings and State and Program Responses
    New York: Findings and State and Program Responses
    North Carolina: Findings and State and Program Responses
    North Dakota: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Ohio: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Oklahoma: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Oregon: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Pennsylvania: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Rhode Island: Findings and State and Program Responses
    South Carolina: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Tennessee: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Texas: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Utah: Findings and State and Program Responses
    West Virginia: Findings and State and Program Responses
    Wyoming: Findings and State and Program Responses

    2015 State Teacher Policy Yearbook


    The 2015 State Teacher Policy Yearbook is our ninth annual Yearbook report. Comprised of a National Summary and State-specific reports for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, this 52 volume Yearbook provides a 360-degree analysis of every state law, rule and regulation that shapes the teaching profession—from teacher preparation, licensing and evaluation to compensation, professional development and dismissal policy.

    Download the full National Summary here. To read the Press Release for the National Summary or for a specific state, please visit our newsroom here

    State of the States 2015: Evaluating Teaching, Leading and Learning


    This report presents the most comprehensive and up-to-date policy trends on how states are evaluating teachers. It also breaks new ground by providing a look at the policy landscape on principal effectiveness. Finally, this report examines state efforts to connect the dots – that is, use the results of evaluations to better inform practice and make decisions of consequence for teachers in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    See below for state summaries and recommendations.
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    District Studies

    Check out our most recent research projects at school districts around the country, including Dayton, Philadelphia and Oakland.


    NCTQ Teacher Contract Database

    Explore and compare collective bargaining agreements for more than 120 of the largest school districts across the country.


    The NCTQ Teacher Trendline

    As 2016 comes to a close, take a look back at some of the highlights from Teacher Trendline over the past year.

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    NCTQ Releases New Ratings of Elementary Teacher Prep Programs

    Dec 2016

    Programs made genuine progress since 2014, especially in training for teaching reading.

    Learning About Learning: What Every New Teacher Needs to Know

    January 2016

    To write this report, we combed through thousands of pages of teacher education textbooks for discussion of research-based strategies that every teacher candidate should learn in order to promote student learning and retention. What few references we found were buried among pages discussing teaching strategies with much less -- often no -- scientific merit. This report asserts that textbook publishers and authors are failing the teaching profession, students and the public by neglecting to provide our next generation of teachers with the fundamental knowledge they need to make learning "stick."


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  • LAST UPDATED: 12/29/2016

    As 2016 comes to a close, take a look back at some of the highlights from Teacher Trendline over the past year.


  • LAST UPDATED: 07/21/2015

    The latest contract and policy changes from the districts in our Teacher Contract Database. In this edition, we travel to Southern California and look at contract changes in Los Angeles and San Diego. 

  • LAST UPDATED: 12/20/2016

    Get even more NCTQ commentary and education research summaries! Check out the previous edition of the Teacher Quality Bulletin.