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  • Our Work in Your State Publications, TQ news and 2014 teacher prep program rankings  
  • State Policy See how the states are shaping up on the policies that affect teachers  

    State-by-State Summary

    In January 2014 we issued a new comprehensive edition of the Yearbook, including all aspects of state teacher policy. Get info across all 50 states and DC on what states are doing to support effective teaching.

    Policy Issues Overview

    Understand the Policy Issues and the current state of the country in these areas. This is the basis for the annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook. NCTQ tracks and analyzes regulations and legislation that shape the teaching profession in all 50 states and the District of Columbia across six policy areas: teacher preparation, evaluation, tenure, dismissal and LIFO, compensation and pensions.

    Teacher Pensions | State Policy Issues

    In 2014 teacher pension systems had a total of a half trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities — a debt load that climbed more than $100 billion in just the last two years. Across the states, an average of 70 cents of every dollar contributed to state teacher pension systems goes toward paying off the ever-increasing pension debt, not to future teacher benefits. How is your state doing?
  • District Policy Get the inside scoop on district contracts and policies across the country  

    District Studies

    Check out our most recent research projects at school districts around the country, including Dayton, Philadelphia and Oakland.


    NCTQ Teacher Contract Database

    Explore and compare collective bargaining agreements for more than 100 of the largest school districts across the country.


    The NCTQ Teacher Trendline

    In this month's Teacher Trendline, we take a look at what districts include in teacher evaluations and how often teachers are evaluated.
  • Teacher Prep 2014 Program Rankings  

    Teacher Prep Resources

    We are very grateful to be able to post as resources exemplar materials from teacher preparation programs across the country.


    Our Approach

    There's widespread public interest in strengthening teacher preparation — but there's a significant data gap on what's working. We aim to fill this gap.


    Search 2014 Teacher Prep Review Findings



  • LAST UPDATED: 04/22/2015

    In the news: an early childhood teacher prep is suspended,  Los Angeles teachers union and school district have reached a tentative agreement, NY State Department of Education released an analysis of the unequal distribution of effective teachers, and more!

  • LAST UPDATED: 04/14/2015

    The latest contract and policy changes from the districts in our Teacher Contract Database. In this edition, we cover recent contract changes in San Francisco, Albuquerque, Brevard County (FL), Elgin U-46 (IL) and Tulsa.

  • LAST UPDATED: 04/02/2015

    In this month's Teacher Trendline, we take a look at what districts include in teacher evaluations and how often teachers are evaluated.